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my friend flo knows his liquer as a matter of fact he wrote the book on drunk chics. If your interested in the art of getting people drunk this guy has the ticket. here is a mix that might do you right.; mix 1oz of chambord with 1oz of makers mark in a glass then you mix in 9 oz of shiner. if you remember this after drink that drink let me know how you like it.

OK I know i dont have the biggest list in the world but I guaranty these are the me I've tried them all.So I'll start with my favorite. asshole......................................... Cards The game is usually played with a single decks of cards (optionally including the Jokers). The order of cards, from highest to lowest, is Joker, 2, Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3. Cards of equal rank may be combined to form more valuable card combinations. In this case, a pair typically beats a single and a triple typically beats a pair except for the Joker which trumps all singles, pairs and triples. Depending on the variant, there are often special rules regarding the 2's. In some variants, a single 2 beats everything but a pair or triple of 2's or the Joker. In other variants, a single 2 beats any pair (and a pair of 2's beats a triple). Sometimes, a single 2 beats only other singles. [edit] Examples * A single 2 beats a single 10 * Four 3's beat a pair of 5's * A pair of Aces beat a pair of Jacks * A Joker beats four 3's [edit] Player names The first player to run out of cards is called the 'President'. The last player to run out of cards is called the 'Asshole'. [edit] Dealing Each hand begins with the shuffled deck of cards being dealt out evenly to each of the players (usually any extra cards are discarded). After the deal, in any hand except the first, there is a settlement of cards depending on the players' order of finish in the last hand. The President exchanges a set number of cards (typically 1 or 2) with the Asshole. In the exchange the Asshole must give the President his highest cards (pairing need not be considered), however the President may give the Asshole any cards he likes. Other exchanges may also take place (e.g. between the Vice-President and Vice-Asshole) depending on the variant and the number of players. [edit] Play In the first hand, the person with the lowest card (usually the 3 of clubs) leads. In subsequent hands, the Asshole (or in some variants the President) leads. Play then proceeds in a clockwise manner, with each player required to play a higher card or card combination than the last. A player may elect not to play, even if he is able to. The last player to play to a round leads the next round. The round is ended immediately if a Joker is played (to avoid the situation of two Jokers appearing in a single round) or depending on the variant either once all players have had a single opportunity to play or once all players have passed. At the end of each round all cards are removed from the hand and the first player to get rid of all of his cards becomes the President for the next hand. The titles Vice-President, Vice-Asshole and Asshole are also given to the players that finish second, second-last and last respectively. When there are no further cards in the hand, the next hand may be dealt. Play typically proceeds for as long as desired with no score being kept however some people prefer play to end once a pre-determined score is reached. [edit] Scoring Typically the game is played without scoring but often with players required to drink at the end of each hand depending on their finishing place (usually the Asshole is expected to drink the most). However a score can be kept whereby at the end of each hand the Asshole is awarded no points, the Vice-Asshole one point and so on until the President scores 1 less than the number of players. Hence the player with the most points at the end of the game wins. [edit] Optional rules [edit] Skip rule When a card is played that matches the rank of the previously played card, the next player must pass. For example, if the ten of hearts is played on the ten of clubs, the next player must pass (even if he wished to play a Jack). This rule also applies when a pair is played on a pair of the same rank. The skip rule allows one unusual situation. If only 2 players remain, skipping a player ends the round. For example, a six has just been played by player B. Player A has two sixes and a seven. Player B has an eight. Player A may now play a six, forcing player B to skip. This ends the round. Player A may start the new round by playing another six. However, this does not cause player B to skip again, because the end of the previous round removed the six from the table. Notice that player A would have been able to avoid becoming Asshole if he could force player B to skip twice. [edit] Poker hands In addition to playing pairs and triples, you are allowed to play a 5-card poker hand. This includes straight, flush, full house, etc. When you play 4 of a kind, you must also play any 5th card to complete the hand. [edit] Suit ranks count Ordinarily, the suits do not matter. Optinally, suits rank in alphabetical order, same as in Bridge. That is, from lowest to highest: clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades. So, the ten of spades may be played on the ten of diamonds, but the ten of clubs may not be played on the ten of diamonds. Of course, the jack of clubs may still be played on the ten of diamonds. [edit] Change seats after every round After every round, the seating changes, based on the order of finish in the prior round. The President gets the most comfortable chair. The Vice-President sits to his left, and so on, until the Asshole sits to the President's right, in the least comfortable chair. Since the President plays first, this gives a slight advantage to the players seated to the President's left [edit] Deal all the cards If the number of cards is not evenly divisible by the number of players, the lowest ranked players get the extra cards. For example, with 5 players and a 52 card deck, the Asshole and Vice-Asshole get 11 cards, and the other 3 players get only 10 cards. [edit] Must match previous type If the last person played a single card, then all plays for the rest of the round must be a single card. For example, a pair of threes may not be played on a seven. Similarly, three fours may not be played on a pair of sixes. The player who starts a new round (after all other players pass) may play anything he chooses. [edit] Social rule (or Socialism) When this rule is in effect, the round can instantly be won by "socialing." Socialing is the act of playing cards out of turn in order to create a four-of-a-kind on the table. The opportunity to social is lost if higher cards are played before the opportunity is taken. Here is an example: You have two sevens, and the last two people to play each put a single seven on the table. You may then play out of turn and plonk down your two sevens. (In some circles you would be required to yell "SOCIAL!" while doing this or else it wouldn't count.) If someone else played on top of the sevens before you had the chance to social, you wouldn't be able to do it. The 'special cards' (twos, threes, jokers, or whatever you are using) cannot be socialed. Leading with a four of a kind is an instant social, so a hand with a four-of-a-kind is a good thing to be dealt. [edit] 2 Clears One unique house rule is called 2 Clears. During any part of the game, no matter what is in play, if a player has a two, he or she may throw it down in order to end the round and start a new one. [edit] Asshole handles cards Only the Asshole is allowed to touch cards on the table. Of course he has to clear the table at the end of a round. If someone is touching cards at the table he has to exchange rank, place (when played with Change seats after every round) and cards with the Asshole, thus becoming the Asshole. [edit] Last Card When a player reaches his or her last card, he must immediatly yell "last card." If they do not do that, or if someone else yells it before them, then that player is automatically the asshole for the next round. In the case where a player has a 2 and any other card, the user can put down the other card (if it can be played), and give the 2 to whom ever he or she chooses without having to yell "last card." [edit] Presidential Rules In some versions of Asshole the president can make up a rule at the end of a round. This rule can consist of anything the president wants. Some popular rules include: 1. Thumb Master: When the President puts his thumb on the table, the last one to do so must drink. 2. The forehead rule: Whenever the president drinks, everyone must put their forehead on the table; the last one to do so must also drink. Try to avoid concussions and bloody noses in later rounds. 3. Exemption rules: The president can make himself exempt from all future and present rules in effect. 4. The 3 D's: If the words drink, drank or drunk are used, the user must take a drink. 5. Assigning "Beer Bitch": Assign one person the job of supplying the table with cold beverages. 6. Eye contact: It is illegal to make eye contact with the president when this rule is in effect. 7. Table laps: At any time, someone with a higher rank can make a lower ranking person get up and walk a complete lap of the table. A player is advised to be creative: any rule you come up with can be put into effect!

Liar's dice (liar dice) is a dice game for two or more players. It is easy to learn, requires minimal equipment, and can be played as a gambling or drinking game. Playing this game well requires the ability to deceive and to detect an opponent's deception. Liar's dice is known as Perudo in South America and a version under this name is commercially available in the UK.


Five six-sided dice per player are generally used for play. Generally play includes dice cups for concealment as well.

Each round, the players roll their dice, keeping them concealed from the other players. One player begins bidding, picking a number 2 through 6. He then tenders a number which he guesses to be less than the cardinality of the set of dice displaying this number on their top surface.

For example, the player might bid "three 4s". For the purposes of bidding, a 1 is wild and can count for any number 2 through 6.

After the first player has made his or her bid, the next player to the left can raise the bid or challenge the previous bid. Raising the bid means either raising the number chosen, or raising the quantity, in which case any number is allowed.

In the above example, the bid is "three 4s". The next player could bid "three 5s" or "four 2s", but not "three 2s" or "two 6s".

A player may challenge a bid. In some variants the player may only challenge when it is his turn to bid, in other variants the player may challenge at any time.

A challenge is generally indicated by revealing one's dice. All players then reveal their dice as well. The number chosen as well as the quantity is compared to the cardinality of the set of dice showing the number on their upper face. Most common variants also add 1s showing to this set for calculation purposes. A challenge is judged to be successful when the quantity guessed is greater than the cardinality of the set. A challenge is deemed to have failed if the quantity guessed is equal to or less than the cardinality of the set.

For example, if the bid of "seven 2s" is challenged, the quantity of 2s is counted. Say there are five 2s and three 1s showing; this is a total of eight 2s (assuming that a variant is played where 1 is wild). There are seven or more 2s, so the challenging player loses the challenge. If there are instead five 2s and only one 1, there are only six 2s and the bidding player loses the challenge.


* A player that loses a challenge loses a die, and the next round begins. If there are three players and on the first round, Player 1 loses a die, then in the second round Player 1 has only four dice, whereas Players 2 and 3 still have five. This puts Player 1 at a disadvantage as he has less information than the other players about the dice.

* It is possible to call 1. For example, "Three 1s". In such a bid, there are no wild dice. When switching the bid to 1, the bid must respect the minimum of previous bid, divided by 2, rounded up. To switch back, respect the minimum of previous bid, multiplied by 2, plus 1. For example, a bid of four 6s could be followed by a bid of two 1s, which could in turn be followed by three 1s or five of any number.

* 6 is wild instead of 1

* When one player has distinct dices, he can pass once. If he does so, the bid raises automatically, and the next player cannot challenge the bid. Next player can raise using standard rules, challenge the passed status or pass as well. If more than one player pass simultaneously, next player's pass challenge can target any of them.


There are a number of different ways to gamble with liar's dice. The simplest and probably most popular is for each game to be winner take all.

Drinking Game

A few possible alternatives exist here

* A successful challenge leads to the last bidder before the challenge to drink.

* Sometimes the drinking above is based upon the difference between the quantity guessed and the set of dice used in comparison.

* A failed challenge requires the challenger to drink.

* A failed challenge requires the challenger to drink in a much greater quantity if it were not the turn of the challenger to bid at the time of challenge.

Luckily for me my girlfriend Catherine likes the sauce as much as I do.However over the years I've noticed that the ladys are sometimes a little weary about the drinking games.The secret is orange juice.I swear you can add a shit load of liquer to the stuff without tasting it and if Susie Goodgirl can't taste it she should have no problem downing a fith of vodka in 14 seconds!!!!

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what do you guys think is the best liqour


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Kings is a very popular drinking game that uses a standard deck of playing cards (it is also known as King's Cup, for reasons that will soon be clear). Shuffle a deck of cards, spread down on a table. Place a party cup, in the center of the table. Go around the table drawing cards one at a time. Each card has a different action associated with it. Follow the rules as they are listed below.


2 Take 2 Drinks
Simple. Take 2 drinks.

3 Give 3 Drinks
Simple. Give 3 drinks. You can can give a drink each to Tom, Dick, and Jane, or you can give all 3 to Tom.

4 Floor
All players must touch the floor. The last person to do so must drink.

5 Guys
All the boys take a drink.

6 Chicks
.All the girls take a drink.

7 Never have I Never
The person who draws this card says something they've never done. Whoever has done this, takes a drink. There's another variation on this rule. You can have everyone start with 3 fingers held up. If you've done the action, put a finger down. The first one to lose their fingers drinks.

8 Make-A-Rule
The drawer of this card gets to make a rule and a punishment for breaking that rule. I'll give you a couple of ideas. There's a Thumb Master rule where the drawer becomes the thumb master and when they put their thumb on the table (unnoticeably), the last person to do so has to drink. There's also the 'Drink, Drank, Drunk' rule where you can't say any of these words. You can also have the 'Orgasm Rule' so that whenever someone says a certain rule, they have to fake an orgasm.

9 Bust-A-Rhyme
The drawer starts with one line, and in succession, everyone rhymes with the last word of the line. If you repeat what's already been said or take too long to come up with something, you drink.

10 Social
Everyone drinks!

J Categories
The drawer starts with a Category and an example and everyone in turn comes up with another example. Again, if you repeat what's already been said or take too long, you drink. For example, I (being the drawer), would say 'the category is N.B.A. Teams'. I would give the example of the Lakers, and so on...

Q Questions
You start by making eye contact with someone and asking them off-the-wall questions. The point is to do this fast and to make the person laugh. Whoever laughs first drinks.

K Kings
Pour some of whatever you're drinking into the center cup so that it fills up a 1/3 of the cup. The game ends when the last King is drawn and the bearer has to pound the cup. This works best when people are drinking various drinks (beer, liquor, etc.)

A Waterfalls
Before you start the waterfall, everyone should fill their drinks. Here's how it goes. Everyone starts drinking when the drawer of the card starts. The person to their left can't stop drinking until the person to their right stops. As you guessed it, the person to the right of the drawer is screwed.

Simple game. Have fun and impress your friends.

Martini Glass, Tumbling

If anyone knows of some funny toasts or drinking songs please let me know my email address is at the bottom of this page.

Screw Your Neighbour
Players: 4 - No limit

A very popular game around our neck of the woods is called, "Screw Your Neighbor!" No, we're not rednecks! However, we do have a saying, "Love thy neighbor, but don't get caught!"

Anywhooo, back to the game.

OBJECT: Not to end up with the lowest card

Players sit at a table and each is dealt one card. The player to the left of the dealer begins. Should the starting player feel that he/she is holding a low card he/she has the option to switch cards with the player on his/her left or keep the card by saying "pass". However, he doesn't know what the next player is holding and can't switch back once the switch is made. The player to your left cannot refuse the switch. If you were forced to switch and your original card was lower than the card you received, you may "pass" on your switch! Hey, he may have screwed his neighbor already, pal! However, any player holding a King must flip thier card face up on the table as this is the highest card which ultimately denies a player to his right the switch! When the play gets around to the dealer, he/she has the option to switch cards with the top card from the remaining deck, or keep the current card. Once the dealer make a decision, everyone filps their card. The player with the lowest card has to drink!

Use shots to make it more interesting and just have fun! This game will give you bragging rights to say, "Hey, I screwed my neighbor!" and you won't end up in divorce court or even broken hearted - just a major hang over!

Also, it is highly recommended that you use your average playgirl or playboy deck of cards! Bring out the porno pack, baby!

Toilet, Opening & Closing Lid

After all that drinking here a little help for the next morning


...then drink 'em. The water in juice rehydrates your body, the fructose (sugar) it contains helps burn up the alcohol leaving you feeling just peachy.


My old friend Cary Mcniel said "When I'm out getting trashed I take the top from every beer I drink and put it in my pocket. When I get home i count the caps and that's how many glasses of water I gotta get through. Works even better when you're seeing double."


Not just good for getting pissed at, good for getting well again the next day too. Through extra virgin olive oil and the liberal use of fresh ripe tomatos, Italians have learned the secret of getting real plump without getting heart disease and curing hangovers at the same. So while the wine gives you a hangover, dinner gives you the cure. Pure genius.


My trick for not getting a hungover is to drink at least 5-6 full glasses of water when i'm at my most drunk, right before I pass out. This way I'm not dehydrated, and I enjoy seeing how many glasses of water I can drink in under 5 minutes.


Eat your rice, grains, cereals, peas & nuts too. They're all stuffed with Vitamin B1, or Thiamine, which helps you metabolise the grog AND stabilises the nervous system. Lack of B1 is often what causes infamous DTs, or Delirium Tremors.


Eat a bananna as they contain potassium which is guaranteed to revitalise your body after a heavy session.


It's better than great, it's the best. Stacked with the mother of all hangover cures, tomato juice then sprinkled with every vege known to humankind, one drop of V8 is said by legend to contain an entire bowl of vegetables. If only it tasted like Coke.

If your a solo drinker here are a couple of sites that might keep you home instead of running around naked in your neighbor's backyard